KARACHI - The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Sindh has resented the non-cooperation of provincial departments and said that bureaucracy want to fail the accountability system. However, the PAC decided to write a letter to the Sindh chief minister to instruct the bureaucracy to cooperate with the accountability body. Chairman Sindh Accounts Committee, Sardar Jam Tamachi Unar, said this while briefing the media about the outcome of PAC meeting which discussed Audit Report of Health Department for FY 2003-04, 2004-05 and 2005-06 on Monday. PAC members Shama Arif Mathiani, Mujdad Isran, Muhammad Shoib and Dr Rafiq Bhanban attended the meeting. The PAC chairman and members expressed annoyance over unsatisfactory reply of the health department officials, however, majority of paras of audit report deferred with instruction to write letter to CM, Health Minister and other forums for taking action against the officials responsible. The PAC discussed 36 Paras of audit report of health department for FY2004-5, out of which 7 paras were settled, however, 19 paras were deferred due to unsatisfactory reply of officials concerned, non-producing of records and other reasons. Similarly, six paras of audit report FY2005-06 were settled, while 13 paras were deferred. PAC chairman said that they were trying to bring betterment as these all issues of audit were pertaining with the previous government. But present ministers have also no grip over their departments, he commented. Though, the health and education sectors are not getting sufficient funds, but people are not receiving fruit in return of what ever funds being spent on health sector, Tamachi pointed out. He blamed that officers want to be posted as Secretary Health because it has become a lucrative post. To a query, he said that PAC only can identify the wrongdoings of departments; however, it was the job of the government to take action against the responsible persons. He expressed resentment over the non-cooperation of departments. He said that provincial secretaries of the departments were not cooperating with the PAC as they dont want to make themselves accountable before the elected body. He said, We will write to CM Sindh requesting him to instruct departments to cooperate with the PAC as presently bureaucracy are not ready to accept the active role of PAC. Without their cooperation we will not achieve any success for making accountable the departments. He opined that there was no visible role of PAC in past, so the bureaucracy wants to make fail the PAC in Sindh. Earlier, PAC considering the audit report para-wise deferred the para 6.7 which were pertained of non-depositing of various fees into the government account. The PAC also instructed to write letter to Minister Health for inquiry into the matter. The committee raised objection over the purchase of dialysis machine through lowest bid and violation of the Public Purchasing Regulatory Authority, however matter were deferred. The committee expressed anger over the non-adjustment of loan worth Rs5.24 million since 10 years and directed the secretary health to take the matter seriously. However, Secretary Health Faseeh Uddin replying to the objections of PAC said that the department would start deduction from the salary and pensions of the employees who failed in retiring the loan amount. PAC also questioned the unauthorised expenditure of Rs3.11million on POL/repairs of vehicles of Sindh Medical Faculty. Discussing the issuance of sub-standards and expiry medicine of Rs2.75 million, the PAC directed to write the letter to Minister Health for initiating inquiry and to take action against the officials responsible. However, on other para, the secretary health told the PAC that the record of 0.875 million spent on seminar/meeting, purchase/maintenance of computers, printers and stationery are missing. The PAC chairman instructed to write letter to Minister Health to take action in this matter. The PAC chairman also expressed anger over non-preparation of the Health Secretary for committee meeting, saying that there was regretting situation of health department. PAC member Shama Arif Mathiani said that PAC committee also visited health department to initiate inquiry into sub-standards and fake admissions of 131 in People Medical College but officials did not cooperate with the team. Officer Incharge Government Import and Inspection medical Stores Depots, Dr Qazi Abdul Hameed, pointed out that political system also responsible of deteriorating health in Sindh as government doesnt post the officers as Secretary Health for a fixed period. He said that more than three officers had transferred and posted in 2009. He suggested that health secretary must be posted for at least two years as he has to make policy and need time to implant it.