ISLAMABAD Special issue of quarterly Adbiyat on Josh is part of Pakistan Academy of Letters project to publish critical and research papers on Makers of Pakistani literature. PAL is also going to name a road in Islamabad after Josh Maleeh Abadi and nominate Josh for higher civil award. These views were expressed by Fakhar Zaman, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in his presidential address at the launching ceremony of Josh... Mere Baba, Shakhs Aur Shair by his grandson Farrukh Jamal Maleeh Abadi. The launching ceremony was jointly organised by Pakistan Academy of Letters and Josh Adbi Foundation. Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik, Rector, International Islamic University and Iftikhar Arif, Chairman, National Language Authority were the chief guests while Dr Aalia Imam, Syed Mansoor Aaqil, Firdous Alam , Alhaj Muhammd Iqbal and Umar Riaz Abbasi expressed their views. Farrukh Jamal thanked the guests. Anjum Khaleeq conducted the proceeding of the ceremony. Fakhar Zaman said that Josh was first poet in Urdu who was called Shair-e-Inqelab. He would remain on the top of the list of revolutionary poets in Urdu. He was progressive and committed person, who never bowed himself before the tyranny of any dictator. During his life he had to face opposition of establishment and other forces. Fakhar Zaman further said that not only in his poetry but also in prose he had developed a different style. His revolutionary spirit and freedom of thought was an example for us. At this point Fakhar Zaman informed that the coming issue of quarterly Adbiyat was a special issue on Josh. He further said that Farrukh Jamal shared his remittances regarding his relationship with his grandfather Josh Maleeh Ababi in his book. He said that Farrukh Jamals book titled Josh... Mere Baba, Shakhs Aur Shair will introduce new aspects of Josh personality before readers. Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik said that in the beginning of his poetry career Josh had a bent towards romanticism but after migrating to Pakistan he changed his views. Iftikhar Arif said that Josh was a revolutionary poet, a romantic poet and a poet of humanity. He was among those writers who did grand service to promote Urdu language and literature. He said that we could reject and oppose of his point of view but could not deny the fact that he was a great poet. His grip on language and different shades of words and his command over the art of poetry makes him prominent among his contemporaries. He mentioned that Dr Hilal Naqvis book on Josh, which PAL published under the project of Makers of Pakistani Literature. Dr. Alia Imam said that Josh was a rationalist poet with a mature consciousness. Syed Mansoor Aaqil said that Josh was a poet of humanity form this ground. His revolutionary poetry emerges. Parto Rohela said that in the whole history of Urdu literary Josh was among those few poets who had perfect command over language and forms of expression and he had rich store of vocabulary and etymology of words in his mind, ideologically, he always stood by the progressive thoughts. Kaneez Fatima said that Josh was a unique voice of his times.