LAHORE Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said the nation would hear the good news about implementation of Charter of Democracy (CoD), as well as Parliamentarian Committee recommendations on repealing the 17th Constitutional Amendment before March 23 next, stressing that such steps would help orientate the political system besides strengthening the Parliament and creating a balance of power between the office of Prime Minister and the President. Addressing a joint Press conference with PML(N) Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif after holding about 80-minute meeting over breakfast at the Raiwind residence of the Sharifs on Monday, Prime Minister announced to constitute a committee of the PML (N) and the PPP think-tanks to find out ways and means to provide relief to the common man. The committee would underline as to how can the govt, within its resources provide relief to the common man to address his financial problems, PM said, pointing out the agreement of both sides on the said points. Prime Ministers meeting with the PML(N) Quaid is the second in the current month after the first was held in Islamabad on February 9, and in the following days of which a judicial-executive crisis had erupted on the appointment of judges to the superior judiciary, which aggravated in the wake of some hard hitting remarks by the PM on the floor of the House. The PM had asserted that restoration of judges was effected through his executive order which he said, still awaited Parliamentary endorsement. However, later on when the PM clarified his statement as in reference to what he was told by his legal aides, then a sort of stand off between the judiciary and the executive came to an end. The PM it may be mentioned conceded to all demands of the judiciary during the meeting with Chief Justice of Pakistan on February 16 last. PML(N) has been a staunch supporter of the independence of judiciary and wanted the government to implement its decision on NRO in letter and spirit, and the current meeting between the PM and the PML(N) top leaders, after almost 11 months at Raiwind, has been held in this background. Relations between PM and the PML(N) have been cordial compared to those with President Asif Ali Zardari which soured mainly on judicial matters on which Zardari had inked written promises but turned back and as well as because of the ongoing delay in striking down the Musharrafs 17th Amendment, 58(2)b and non-implementation of CoD by the ruling side. This apprehension, once again, came to the fore on the side of Nawaz Sharif before the media last day when, taking second lead after the PM on a question relating to the Presidency, Nawaz Sharif said: Actions speak louder than words and now it is to be seen how much action is taken to implement the CoD, to ensure rule of law and purify the system of corruption. The observers view that the present meeting, likely to restore both sides confidence in each other, however, depends on the execution of the recent commitment by the ruling side. Gilani told the Press that he came here with an olive branch, and Mian sahib and he have agreed to implement the CoD before March 23 next which he hoped would consolidate public faith in the system and also that the politicians would stand by their commitments. He also expressed his willingness to continue reconciliatory efforts towards the Sharifs. Feeling pain over the financial plight of the common man, the PM said they had also agreed to set up a committee of think-tanks of both parties to formulate joint strategy on how the poor can be provided relief. He counted global economic recession and war on terror as factors vis-a-vis poverty in the country and at another stage, he said war on terror has also badly hit Pakistani economy and asked all the political forces to share efforts to address these problems. He said they had also decided to make the institutions of Parliament sovereign, show respect to judiciary and implement its decision besides upholding tracheotomy of power to let every institution function within its sphere. He said the government has already begun to act upon the judicial decisions. To a question on opening of cases before the Swiss Courts as per direction of the Supreme Court, he said the law and the Constitution would be followed on that matter. Responding to a question regarding low level flights of the US drones over the sensitive installations in Punjab, PM ruled out the possibility of any drone attacks on sites in Punjab saying, they had previously refrained Americans from drone attack on Quetta and they would also not allow US to attack any part of the Punjab. Nawaz Sharif, to a question, said: After elections people pinned high hopes in the elected government to see good governance, merit, rule of law, respect to judiciary and a corruption free system but these expectations have still not been realised. He regretted the fact that over the last two years, promises have not been fulfilled and, added, had that all been timely done, the present days critical situation would not have been confronting us. He spotlighted the grave problems the people faced and urged the government to address them without wasting any further time. He asked the PM to tell IMF not to force us raise power, petrol and gas prices as people in the country are already living a miserable life. He called upon the government to cut down prices of that said ones. Holding former dictator, Pervez Musharraf responsible for disfiguring the Constitution and promoting corruption and bringing loadshedding and other miseries to the people, Nawaz Sharif posed a query to the government that why was Musharraf not asked for doing all this and his November 3 action and not brought to Parliament? Instead of that, he said, Musharraf was accorded guard of honour. He said still the legacy of Musharraf was going on. He also reiterated his demand for complete action on the NRO decision in its letter and spirit. To a question on his low profile relations with Presidency, Nawaz Sharif said that he does not establish relations for his own person but in the interest of nation and the country. He said the PML-N had joined the Cabinet on the insistence of President Asif Ali Zardari to serve the masses and not for any other reasons. He said they wanted that their (party mens) experience should have been utilised for the betterment of the people. About drone attacks on Pakistani territory, the Prime Minister said, he said through a successful strategy they had separated militants from local tribes but drone attacks were bringing them together and they had told the US not to do that, and provide us drone technology and had tried to convince it on this score. However, to question, he overruled the possibility of Punjab being coming under drone attacks and said, Pakistan was fighting war on terror in its own interest. To a question on the water tussle between Punjab and Sindh, the PM stressed for not politicising this issue, as being related to provinces it was a sensitive one. He hoped for its early solution. He also said that accountability law would be brought to the House after consultation with all the parties. When a question was put to the PM on setting afire effigies of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari in the recent past by the charged workers of both parties, he disapproved of such acts and appreciated that Nawaz Sharif and President Zardari for refraining their workers from doing that. To a question, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said the cases against them did not relate to the act done by the govt but their family matter which were instituted against them by the then Musharraf regime and now stand decided. He said even if the present government wanted to reinitiate, they were ready to face them in the courts through personal appearance and accept the decision whatever that may be. However, he said had there been any force in these cases, Musharraf, during his eight years rule, would have used them against them instead of plane hijacking case. Earlier, Senator Ishaq Dar and Hussain Nawaz also attended the meeting between Prime Minister and PML-N Quaid. Later, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif saw off the Prime Minister at the helipad. Agencies add: Regarding the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, the Prime Minister said the government has provided legal assistance and efforts have been made on the diplomatic channel to secure her release and repatriation. To another question, he said that Pakistan intends to resolve all issues with India through dialogue, therefore, it has accepted the offer for dialogue with India and the Foreign Secretaries will meet in New Delhi on 25th of this month. Responding to a question, Nawaz said he does not enjoy very good relations with Aiwan-e-Sadr and the main reason for this coolness is not fulfilling the promises made by the Presidency.