The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. But unfortunately Pakistans case is unique in itself. The UN Development Programme Report, 2009, ranked Pakistan 160 out of 177 countries with a literacy rate of 49.9. Countries like Cuba, Estonia and Latvia are at the top of this ranking. India is graded at 147. After these heart-rending facts, we still do not realize the mistake of our ways. Our deteriorating education system has radicalized many young people while failing to equip those that do pass out of it with the skills necessary for a modern economy. There is much difference between the public and private sector education in terms of quality. There is no check and balance, and evaluation system of the teachers. The top intellectuals of the country should shed light on the subject and make recommendations to the policy makers on how to accomplish uplift of the education. -RASHIDA AHMED, Rawalpindi, February 19.