ISLAMABAD - Following the launch of new UK visa policy on Monday, a significant number of Pakistani applicants would be denied British visas under the strict rules for acquiring the same. Generally, a tough criterion has been set for Pakistani applicants seeking business, indefinite stay, work, nationality, and study visas, but the prime emphasis of the new policy lays hands on the screening of 'unwanted candidates pursuing study visas. Candidates to apply for study visas would be passed through a hectic process of scrutiny and surveillance, to curtail 'militancy threat from Pakistani students and give a halt to misuse of study visas. Four major features of the new policy lay stress on screening of those candidates who land in UK on study visas but abandon their study programmes and get into moneymaking instead, who have ideological affiliations or inclinations with religious organisations, who are not proficient in spoken English and the married candidates who intend to bring their families; spouse, children with them during the course of study. While, there is no dispute that some Pakistani nationals misuse visas and indulge into money making and negative activities that bring a bad name to their country, majority of Pakistanis form those students who intend to pursue genuinely their educational endeavours, pay exorbitant fees and abide by all the rules and regulations during their stay overseas. Victimising them at the cost of a small minority would draw repulsion and criticism against the already charges public sentiment against Western powers, which keep pricking Pakistan and Pakistanis one-way or other. Criminal minded expatriates, be they from any origin across the world, often misuse their visa status and mandate but victimising any specific country or community to track down a few never serves the purpose. At a time when UKs visa offices have become a laughing stock in the global arena following the killing of top Hamas leader in Dubai involving a few of the assassins carrying forged British passports, the British authorities need to put their own house in order first, and need to address the stark loopholes and procedural lapses that are crystal clear evident in UKs visa functioning, instead of following the dictates of US to adopt an imperialist stance towards Pakistanis. Instead of adopting a tough stance and lodging a strong protest with the Israel against misuse of diplomatic passports of its nationals, Britain did nothing more than summoning the Israeli envoy to Britain last week and urging him to 'share information and 'cooperate in future. In addition, the loss of dozens of passports of Pakistani nationals by British High Commission, as already reported in this newspaper sometime back, is yet another instance of Britains poor monitoring of its own affairs. Last week, US envoy Richard Holbrooke accepted that Pakistan had relaxed visa restrictions for Americans, but in return, Britain being a longstanding ally of US, has reciprocated a slap on Pakistani governments demand to UK of considering the plight of Pakistani visa applicants. Adding insult to injury, Prime Minister Gilanis repeated requests to British authorities in this regard have fallen on deaf ears. Reports collected from International Organisation for Migration (IOM) indicate that last week a record number of 150-160 Pakistanis showed up at IOM office for tuberculosis test everyday, a preliminary requirement for UK study visa, compared to an average turnout of 100-110 candidates per day in normal circumstances. Sources in IOM say that maximum number of applicants visited IOM for TB tests, as they intended to apply under previous visa rules, which were comparatively lenient, although the reports about the harassment of Pakistani applicants at the hands of BHC are not new. It also needs to be put here that creating unnecessary restrictions in visa rules enhances the chances of money-minting by shrewd visa agents who make best of the plight of visa seekers in the same way as it happened lately when some people who introduced themselves as employees of BHC and Gerrys, kept demanding bribes from visa applicants for getting them visa appointments while BHC disassociates itself from those individuals. Representative of BHC, George Sheriff, was approached at his cell phone for comments on Monday night but he did not respond calls.