The Chief Justice gave a victory dinner to his community where Prime Minister arrived unannounced in a bold political gesture. The uninvited chief guest had to be honoured. The PM, in return for his visit asked the Chief Justice to be his guest the next day at three o clock. Obviously, Chief Justice had to accept the invitation. Next day, he had to honour his pledge but the comments passed by the media and some judiciary hawks seemed to concede that the Chief Justice had been hijacked by the PM. In my memory flashed the time when I had met Mr Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid in at his house in Defence Phase-IV after I had retired as Chairman, Governors Inspection Team Sindh in 1984. At some function later in 1988, my wife and I were invited by his family. I asked Mr. Justice that we had seldom seen him in social functions attended by other senior guests of the Sindh government. He very correctly replied We judges purposely avoid mixing up with government lest some one may jeopardize our freedom of justice. It must have been awkward for the Chief Justice of Pakistan to have been drawn to visit Prime Ministers House and break that time-honoured tradition of the judiciary. -BRIG (Red) A.Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, February 20.