RAWALPINDI The heads of all the political parties flexed their muscles on Monday for success in the by-polls of NA-55 by holding mammoth public gatherings at various places of the city to muster the public support for their candidates. For these public gatherings, police and the district administration had made strict security arrangements by deploying heavy contingent of police in and around the venues of the political gatherings to thwart any untoward situation on this occasion. Besides the deployment of the force, police also set up walkthrough gates at the entry points of all the gatherings and the police personnel remained busy in thorough body search of all the participants. Some 5000 police personnel including Punjab Constabulary were deployed in the NA-55 to provide security to the high ups of the political parties as well as the workers. The public gatherings were monitored through the CCTV cameras. There are six main candidates in election run. These included Malik Shakil Awan of the PML-N, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of the AML, Dr Muhammad Kamal of the JI, Ejaz Khan Jazi of the PTI, Haji Gulzar Awan of the PAP and an independent candidate Sheikh Danish Iftikhar. The workers and supporters of the PML-N, AML, PTI, JI, PAP and even independent candidates, while wearing election symbols and holding portraits of their candidates, were chanting slogans in favour of them. Some jubilant supporters were dancing on drumbeats at the middle of the roads. The law enforcers, in violation of traffic diversion plan announced by CTO, Dr Akhter Abbas, according to which Murree Road was to be blocked only from Mareer to Chandni Chowk, all the roads linking with Benazir Bhutto Road (BBR) were closed, which paralysed routine life in the city. These included Liaquat Road, Gawalmandi, Saddar, Haider Road, Moti Mehal, Tipu Road, Mareer Hassan and Asghar Mall Road. Traffic remained jammed even on all the roads which irked the masses. Scores of the ambulances remained stuck into the huge traffic snag and could not bring the patients to hospital on time. The administrations of school and colleges, located along with BBR, closed the instructions before time to prevent the students from traffic mess. A number of clashes also occurred among the law enforcers, commuters and pedestrians on several areas of the city. However, the office bearers and workers belonged to the ruling party and PML-N, were granted permission to move freely on the BBR. In the constituency, there are total 250 polling stations (135 for men while 115 for women). The ongoing election campaign for the NA-55 by polls ended at the midnight.