ISLAMABAD - Managing Director OGDCL Syed Zahid Hussain resigned a few days back, reliable sources informed TheNation on Monday. Syed Zahid Hussain had been on medical leave for the last seven weeks and was to join back on February 19, 2010. According to sources, Zahid resigned on the demand of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and his resignation is effective from February 20, 2010. He was facing many allegations including irregularities in appointments, favouring some companies and helping them in getting big contracts from the OGDCL, and behaving rudely with the staff members. The sources also disclosed that Zahid Hussain while serving in OGDCL was also working with an oil company and most of his decisions were not to benefit the department but to favour private companies. Such an exposure was also made by TheNation a few days back that he amended a bidding document of a project worth one billion dollar and all the amendments made by him were damaging the interests of OGDCL. Reliable sources in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources informed that Zahid was immediately removed due to his controversial deals and handling of OGDCL affairs in most dubious manner. A source in the Ministry informed that Secretary Petroleum Kamran Lashari had moved a summary to the Prime Minister the other day seeking approval of Zahids resignation and for allowing Shah Mehboob Alam to act as Acting Managing Director till further instructions. The sources informed that another summary had also been moved for the appointment of new MD OGDCL including the name of Shah Mehboob Alam.