KARACHI- Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chapter Chief Muhammad Hussain Mahanti on Monday categorically turned down the new system for local body on the pattern of 1979 system and criticised the MQM and PPP for reaching a consensus over, saying that no political party including the JI will accept the new system. In a statement issued, he slammed both the coalition parties - the MQM and PPP for using unlawful tactics to protect their own interests as they were busy in calling unlawful core committees meeting regarding the LG system even after the present system has completed its tenure. He criticized both parties that they were ignoring other political parties in consultation for the reason of getting maximum election benefit to their own parties. He mentioned that on one side PPP claims that it is the democratic force but on the other hand it refutes its own claims when it use undemocratic means and engages in secret dialogue. He stressed on the fact that the people of the city are informed and they would not let any conspiracy of this type to succeed. He said that those who have initiated prolonged core committee meeting must listen that they do not have the right and they are not sole representatives of the people of the city. The JI Karachi chief said that those who have dishonestly swallowed the resources of the city, committed crime, corruption and involved in criminal activities plans to paving way for them to power would be tantamount to bringing dictators back to power. He pointed out other corruptions and said audit of the developments work was not conducted and city government exempted itself for doing the corruption freely. He said after the completion of city govt tenure both coalition partner the MQM and PPP both were trying to post their own administer in the city which give an impression that no other than these two exists in the Karachi that amounts to injustice with the masses. He lamented that instead of conducting trial of land grabbers, criminals getting them back to the helm of affairs only by changing names and faces would be unjust with the people and this dictatorial way of the government will not tolerate. He demanded that those who have been in full power since last four must not be allowed to resume back using unfair and unconstitutional tactics.