In the Indian mythological stories, three kinds of intransigence (zidd) have been mentioned. First is called 'Balak hutt, the zidd of a child, second is called 'Tiriyya hutt, the zidd of a woman and the third one 'Raj hutt, the zidd of a king. Interestingly our revered Governor possesses all three. For no reason at all, he is sticking to his guns on the matter of observing Basant and flying kites, caring little for safety of the innocent public. The brutality of our Governor is akin to that of the Romans who used to throw people before hungry lions and other beasts in their stadiums to enjoy the bout between man and the beast. A Roman practice aimed at punishing the culprits, it has been renewed by our Governor who wants to punish the public for the offence of voting for the PPP. Despite appeals from various quarters, he has not budged an inch from his stand and that gives me the feeling that he has all the three huts, namely-Balak hutt, Tiriyya hutt and Raj huttin him. That is no bad thing because intransigence is also a great quality if one carries on with it. He should carry on killing. But I wonder if the President issued a statement that kite-flying is bad and he abhorred it, wouldnt Laat Sahib change his mind immediately. -ALFRED DANIEL, Pattoki, February 22.