ISLAMABAD As part of its Total Volunteer Blood Donation Campaign, Pakistan Institute of medical Sciences (PIMS), is holding a blood registration camp tomorrow (Wednesday) at the International Islamic University. PIMS is on the way to become the first total volunteer blood donation hospital in Pakistan and has also become a pioneer in pre and post (double testing) of all blood donors in order to reduce the chances of infectious blood in the Blood Bank. PIMS Pathology Department will have an informative and motivational programme aimed at blood donation at the camp. A data of potential donors will be maintained so that voluntary donors could be called upon as per requirement. Under the current circumstances there can be a sudden demand of blood, said Dr Anwar-ul-Haq Head of the Pathology Department while talking to TheNation. The relatives of the victims are doubly stressed first due to injury to their beloved ones and secondly to bring their relatives to donate the blood and at times this is not easy he added. Certain chronic diseases require frequent blood transfusions and relatives may not easily donate blood that frequently, he further added. So in order to cope with all this, PIMS has decided to go total volunteer blood banking relying on the great sprit of Pakistani nation, which is second to none he continued. He was of the view that total volunteer blood donation assured quality and healthy blood to the recipient, as shortage of blood in the blood bank could easily lead to mal-practices such as selling of blood, blood from drug addicts, use of infectious blood etc. PIMS receives approximately 1,500 blood donations every month. It issues about 1,400 red cell packs, 1100 fresh frozen plasma and 1000 platelets. Approximately, 2percent positive cases of hepatitis B and 3percent for hepatitis C are reported. Over 95 percent of these are captured on pre-donation testing and the donors blood is not collected, which reduces the infectious blood load in the blood bank and the laboratory reducing the risk to the health workers. Immediate counselling of the potential donor further helps restraining the spread of the disease in the family and society. It is to be mentioned here that PIMS is the first to start MPhil degree in Transfusions Medicine (Blood Banking). Dr Ayesha Pervaiz is the first postgraduate trainee in Transfusion Medicine in Pakistan. She conducted a study along with immediate Supervisor Dr Lubna Naseem and Prof Anwar-ul-Haque, the Head of the Department of Pathology on the status of use and abuse of fresh frozen plasma in a tertiary care hospital. This was the first of its kind study in Pakistan, which is about to appear in detail in the coming issue of International Journal of Pathology.