The independence of judiciary, it seems, has not quite been achieved if you judge by reaction of the majority of people who struggled for it and seem perplexed by the new situation we have now. Veteran human-rights activist, Aasma Jehangir and many other leaders of 'the struggle, including former President Supreme Court Bar Association, Ali Ahmed Kurd, are among that bewildered majority. Now that the judiciary has had its way, having got all it demanded of the government, saner elements are feeling threatened by this newly-acquired 'independence of the judiciary. Aasma Jehangir called it 'Judicial dictatorship. The judiciary which is also hearing a case regarding promotions in the bureaucracy at present seems to be spreading its wings too far. The question is, would the judiciary allow the same discretionary powers to the Chief Executive of the country which it used to get the new appointments and promotions in judiciary during the so-called resolution of the crisis? Would this independent judiciary bring the sugar mafia to justice who violated its orders by setting their own sugar price, effectively ignoring the one courts had set? Would it open the Mehran Bank scandal? And would it now be able to enforce article 6 of the constitution? The general perception is, and it is spreading fast that this newfound independence was just another tool used in the 'Get Zardari & PPP campaign. No one wishes a sad end for the campaign for independence of judiciary. The next step for the judiciary should be to try to establish some modicum of impartiality. This unbridled independence would achieve nothing but anarchy and chaos. -CAPTAIN (Rtd) SYED WASIF, Lahore, February 19.