LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Monday dismissed the petition of a man who wanted permission for undergoing surgery to change his sex from male to female. Petitioner Sami Saleem, 30, pleaded he was suffering from gender identity disorder and doctors had suggested him a sex-change operation in order to become a woman. Sami through his counsel submitted in the court that he had got an appearance of a man but his internal feelings and thoughts were fast becoming like a woman. He said he consulted psychiatrics and had been going through counseling for the last two years. He said the doctors had confirmed he was suffering from gender identity disorder and needed an operation to change his sex. He informed the court he went to many doctors to conduct his surgery but all of them declined, saying there was no law in the country that permitted them to do such kind of operations. He said they advised him to get permission from the court before the sex-change operation. He pleaded the sex-change operations were being conducted unabated in different Islamic countries including Iran and Egypt and he should also be allowed to undergo similar operation. After hearing his arguments, Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif dismissed his petition saying since he lived in Rawalpindi therefore his case fell under the jurisdiction of LHC Rawalpindi bench and he might file a case there.