KARACHI - The PSA is fleecing the TCP as well as the ship-owners by charging them extra at Gwadar Port. The Nation has learnt that Former Chairman of TCP Muhammad Saeed, while giving a presentation, available with this scribe, to the ECC of the Cabinet on the overhead domestic charges on import of wheat at Bin Qasim and Gwadar ports, informed the committee that cost and freight bid price saving is no more possible at Gwadar Port. He said that there is net addition in cost for handling and transportation, besides limited handling capacity. Amazingly enough, PSA is charging tug services charges, US$ 3550 for all sorts of services which are not applicable at PQA and KPT, from ships calling Gwadar, but the Tugs are owned by GPA and PSA have not invested even a penny on Marine Services agreement. Moreover, Pilot-age charges for only 3.5 Km channel are 5 times higher than port Qasim that has 45 Km long channel. TCP cited excess billing against tariff by PSA on MV Pos Glory i.e. total hidden charges of about US$27000, while it also pointed out an additional cost of USD 1.25 at Gwadar in addition to excess transportation charges of Rs 2260 when compared to Karachi and Port Qasim. Moreover, the additional cost at Gwadar port on the import of 63900MT wheat was Rs 4.9 million in terms of shifting machinery to Gwadar trucks for shifting of cargo from ship to ground area, and extra crane for 6 days. Thus the total cost incurred by TCP on the said import of wheat was Rs 78.21 per MT, while all said expenditure was not to be borne by TCP at ports in Karachi. TCP has raised many issues including wharfage of Rs.15000 being Charged by PSA. PSA has so far taken Rs 1.1 million only in terms of wharfage from TCP for total 74 vessels. Moreover, PSA also said to be taken some Rs 7.1 millions additionally in terms of another Wharfage as it charges Rs 30 per MT to TCP for cargo handling at Gwadar port. On the directives of Economic Monitoring Committee a meeting was held on 27th of August, 2008 to sort out the issue of incremental cost at Gwadar Port. The meeting assured the TCP that there will be no incremental charges account of services. It also maintained that wharfage charges at Gwadar Port are lesser by Rs 1 as compared to Port Qasim. But the presentation by TCP tells another story depicting the actual picture of being overcharged by PSA at Gwadar Port.