LAHORE (Online) Irrigation Secretaries of Punjab and Sindh have agreed on water distribution concaluding that experts would decide about provincial water distribution. According to a private TV channel, both the secretaries while addressing a joint Press conference after meeting here on Monday, said they had decided to accommodate each other over water distribution. Irrigation Secretaries said they had decided that water would be distributed mutually among provinces. It was also decided that provinces would not criticise each other over water distribution issue. They said water distribution among provinces would be according to the 1970 water accord following crops calendar. On this occasion, Punjab senior minister Raja Riaz said in Sindh sowing season starts before Punjab, therefore, water would be given first to Sindh and than to Punjab. Talking about the Chashma Power Project Link Canal, he clarified that being a private project NEPRA would decide about it. Water supply from Chashma Power Link Canal has been reduced from 5,000 cusecs to 3,000 cusecs to facilitate the Sindh, he added. Raja said he would discuss the matter with Irrigation Minister to further facilitate Sindh. Meanwhile, IRSA has closed Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal till the settlement of water dispute between Sindh and Punjab as the former had strong reservations over supply of water to the canal. According to the spokesperson of IRSA, Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal was closed at the request of the Punjab government. The Punjab government on Saturday had requested reduction of 3,000 from 5,000 cusecs in water supply to the canal and thus the canal was closed on Monday. The water was being supplied to the link canal from Indus River and Sindh had strong reservations over it which were raised by irrigation officials of Sindh and Sindh government. According to IRSA spokesperson, it was not possible to supply water from Sindh to the canal and 3,000 cusecs water will be provided through alternative ways.