ISLAMABAD In an attempt to get off the hook, Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Navid Ahsan wrote to the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice on Monday to decide about reopening or otherwise of the Swiss cases at the Governments level, as the matter was beyond the ambit of the NAB. Sources in the NAB told TheNation that the current letter was altogether different from the earlier requests made by the NAB to the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice wherein advice was sought from the Ministry on the fate of the Swiss cases after the Supreme Court of Pakistans verdict in the NRO case. But despite several reminders the ministry had not responded to the query of the NAB until last week when the apex court had once again summoned the Chairman NAB and admonished him for showing laxity in compliance of the courts orders in NRO case. The sources further said that Chairman NAB, Navid Ahsan had decided to go by the book to save his skin and uphold the credibility of the department and took a bold stand on the issue of the Swiss cases on Monday. In the fresh letter, Chairman NAB had written to the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice requesting to proceed in accordance with the law regarding the reopening of the Swiss cases, which were withdrawn after the introduction of the NRO by the former President Pervez Musharraf. It was further stated in the letter that the Swiss cases were framed against President Zardari, his spouse and some of their front men in Switzerland on the formal request of the then attorney general of Pakistan and later the same were withdrawn on the request of former attorney general, Malik Abdul Qayyum and in the whole exercise NAB was not taken on board. So the Chairman NAB requested the Ministry of Law and Justice that the same should be tackled through the attorney general but at the same time offered his services where required for the early implementation of the apex courts verdict. On the other hand, a series of sessions were held under the chair of Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Dr. Babar Awan to devise further course of action following the NAB request on the issue of reopening of the Swiss cases. The sources in the Federal Law Ministry informed that a number of options came under discussion in these consultative meetings. The sources in the Government informed that the Federal Minister for Law and justice after having detailed input from the legal experts on the matter, would have a session with the President and Prime Minister for formal approval of the means to tackle the issue in the court of law. According to the insiders, the Government could submit before the apex court that under Article 248 of the Constitution, the President of Pakistan have immunity against any criminal proceedings against him within and outside the country.