ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) on Monday scrapped a tender to import 200,000 tonnes of white sugar, a TCP official said. The tender has been scrapped as the bid bonds submitted by two of the lowest bidders were not in order, said the TCP official, who declined to be identified. The tender, issued on Jan. 15, was originally for 50,000 tonnes but the TCP had raised the quantity to 200,000 tonnes before the bids were opened on the weekend. Meanwhile, Pakistan received a low bid of $784.95 a tonne, c&f, in an international tender to import 50,000 tonnes of white sugar, a government official and a trader said on Monday. The tender was issued on Jan. 18. Four companies submitted bids for the tender and the lowest offer is from Agrocorp, said an official of the Trading Corporation of Pakistan, which issued the tender. A trader with knowledge of the process said all the companies offered bids for 50,000 tonnes as sought in the tender. The highest bid of $811.50/tonne/c&f break bulk was submitted by Cargill from various origin, the trader said. Cargill also offered a bid of $805.50/tonne/c&f for container shipment. The other two offers were from Louis Dryfus at $794.76/tonne/c&f break bulk or container shipment, and UAE-based Al-Khaleej, of $801.00/tonne/c&f break bulk and $795.00 container shipment, the trader said. A TCP committee was evaluating the bids, the TCP official said but gave no details. The TCP is also expected to take a decision later in the day on another tender for 200,000 tonnes, which was issued on Jan. 15 and opened at the weekend. The tender was originally for 50,000 but the TCP had later raised the amount to 200,000 tonnes. The lowest offer in that tender was $579.90 a tonne c&f for 200,000 tonnes of white sugar from Brazil by American Investment Group, USA, while Wellington submitted the highest bid of $826.00 a tonne c&f for 50,000 tonnes from Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Thailand, the trader said. Pakistan is on a sugar buying spree after a forecast the 2009/10 crop would produce about 3 million tonnes of white sugar against annual demand of 4.2 million tonnes. The TCP has issued several tenders since Dec. 31 to import a total of 500,000 tonnes of sugar by mid-May.