WASHINGTON - A conservative American newspaper has criticised President Barack Obamas choice for US ambassador to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), suggesting that he is a voice of radical Islam. Rashid Hussain, an American of Indian origin who is Deputy Associate Counsel at the White House, was appointed last week to serve as the US envoy to the OIC, which is headquartered in Jeddah. In an editorial, The Examiner, a free newspaper owned by super-rich businessman Philip Anschutz, said the selection of 30-year-old, Texas-born Rashid Hussain was a matter of concern as he was involved with a radical Islamic body. It also pointed out that Hussain is Hafiz-ul-Quran. Hussains Muslim beliefs appear to go quite beyond merely knowing Quranic verses, The Examiner said, noting he has a long history of participating in activities connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, a major organisational and theological wellspring for Jihadists who seek to impose Shariah law on America and the rest of the world.