LAHORE - Three members of the Forward Bloc are likely to be included in the Punjab Cabinet if PPP Ministers are shown the door on February 25, The Nation has learnt. Insiders in forward bloc privy to the developments regarding share in Punjab govt told this scribe on Tuesday that three members of the bloc were expected to included in the provincial Cabinet, while two more Ministers of the group could be included at a later stage. The PML-N top leadership has summoned a high-level party meeting at Islamabad on February 25 to give a final shape to its relations with the PPP in Punjab and it was expected that PML-N was most likely to expel the PPP Ministers from the Punjab Cabinet, as the PPP had failed to act upon the deadline of the PML-N for its 10-point reforms agenda. The insiders claimed that Mian Atta Maneka, Saba Sadiq and Dr. Tahir Ali Javed likely to be included in provincial Cabinet in the first phase, while the remaining Ministers would be decided later. They maintained that the formula of share in provincial Cabinet for the bloc members was decided informally, while a formal announcement in this regard was expected after the outcome of PML-Ns February 25 meeting. The insiders informed that several members of the bloc were of the opinion that ministries should not be among their top priorities and they should be more focused on getting PML-N tickets for the next general elections. As, the PML-N former ticket-holders and local leaders hailing from the areas of members of the forward bloc strongly oppose the idea of obliging the bloc members for next polls tickets and a strong revolt from the stated PML-N quarters was expected if any move was initiated by 'movers and shakers of the party to accommodate the members of the dissidents of PML-Q. Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, Parliamentary party leader of Forward Bloc when contacted partly confirming the information of this reporter said, 'a decision regarding our role or ministries in provincial Cabinet will be decided in the meeting PML-N summoned on February 25 in Islamabad in which members of unification bloc will also take part. To a query, he claimed that they were following the majority rule of democracy and challenged PML-Q provincial leader, Chaudhry Zaheer-ud-Din to show his following in front of the Speaker Punjab Assembly and he would not only face him but surely defeat him in 'numbers game. Calling the forward bloc, unification bloc, Dr. Tahir said that he commands the following of 47 members of which 43 were elected and four returned to the provincial assembly on reserve seats. However, the PML-Q has 32 members in its basket of which 13 became Assembly members on reserve seats. He maintained that alliance between the PPP and PML-N was 'unnatural from day one and insisted that PPP would be separated from PML-N alliance in Punjab on February 25.