Present PPP-led government has always acted according to public demand and opinion. Within three years, this government has achieved milestones such as the NFC Award, Swat Operation, Balochistan Package, 18th and 19th Amendments, etc. Instead of always demanding more from our government, we should now realize that democracy needs time to strengthen its roots and structure. Nothing can change within days. However, lots of things have changed in the short span of three years within our system. The recent decision to decrease the size of the cabinet is also a great achievement and a positive move forward for democratic growth and evolution. Our free media and opposition actors should at least encourage this achievement of the government. This reform will not only save national wealth but will also help in the better functioning of the ministries. Instead of propagating it as 'old wine in a new bottle, the media and opposition elements should have said a few words of encouragement; this would have also shown their sincerity towards the nation and love for democracy. SHAFIQ SOLANGI, Hyderabad, February 22.