I was perturbed to read Mr Z. H. Effendi's suggestion, in The Nation's Monday's 'Mail Box', regarding introduction of cycle rickshaws in Pakistan for creating employment, raising taxes, while preserving environment at the same time. I would like to bring it to Mr. Effendi and your readers' knowledge that cycle rickshaw was quite prevalent in Pakistan especially in southern Punjab and more so in my constituency, the city of Bahawalpur. In extreme hot weather when a human dragged two or more people along with goods, this would eventually result in rickshaw pullers falling permanently ill with chronic diseases and most common was tuberculosis. The research and studies clearly suggested much higher percentage of T. B. in rickshaw pullers and asked governments to put a ban on this exercise. Successive governments tried methods but in vain. The government of Mohtarma Shaheed once chalked out a plan to import small bike engines to attach them to current rickshaws to convert the same to auto rickshaws, but experiments failed. Eventually, it was Mian Nawaz Sharif who banned these rickshaws and all the rickshaws were purchased from the owners whether on cash or in lieu of Motor Rickshaws or Yellow Cabs on easy installments. As a result, thousands of rickshaws vanished from the streets and cabs and motor rickshaws were all over. The people of Bahawalpur remember this incredible step of Mian M. Nawaz Sharif in good words. MUHAMMAD BALIGH UR REHMAN, Bahawalpur, February 22.