LAHORE Following the terrible episode of Raymond Davis that exposed CIAs covert operations underway across the nuclear-armed country, the Federal govt has decided to review visa policy and withdraw special powers granted to Ambassador Hussain Haqqani in Washington, it was reliably learnt here on Tuesday. Highly-placed sources further revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior have strictly been directed by the Prime Ministers Secretariat to immediately update the data about the presence of US personnel in Pakistan. 'Conversely, things will get out of control and we will see recurrences of such incidents in future. Neither the government nor the public can afford the repeat of such episode, a top official in the Foreign Ministry confirmed the development, requesting his name not to be mentioned. Ironically, at present no correct record is available with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior about the presence of US personnel in Pakistan, official sources claimed. The Ministry of Interior is in touch with the Foreign Ministry in this regard and modalities are being finalised to review visa policy and withdraw powers given to the Ambassador. Sources further disclosed that approximately 3000 visas had been issued to US officials and diplomats by Pak Embassy in Washington (between July 14 to December 31, 2010) after the Prime Minister gave special powers to Haqqani in this regard. 'It can be well-imagined that how much damage must had been done to our national interest after the PM empowered Haqqani to issue visas to US officials and diplomats arbitrarily and without administrative approval from Pakistan, an official of the Interior Ministry said. 'Now the era of special protocol for US spying network in Pakistan is over, officials claimed. Prior to authorisation to Ambassador Haqqani by the Prime Minister on July 14 2010, all the visas to US diplomats and officials were used to be issued after administrative approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and clearance of the security agencies was a must in this regard. However, as per reports from Washington, visas are arbitrarily being issued to dubious US officials, who are suspected to be involved in espionage and other anti-State activities in Pakistan. 'To avoid identification by the security agencies, these individuals have been providing fake addresses and credentials in their visa applications, a source privy to the development said. The case in point is the issuance of visa to Raymond Allen Davis. He was issued visa in September 2009 without administrative approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and security clearance, when the relaxation in visa policy was not in practice. 'Had Pakistan Embassy bothered to verify the credentials and address of Davis given in his visa application, he would not have come to Pakistan and the lives of four innocent Pakistanis would have been saved, another senior official commented. Sources further said that that the monitoring of such US personnel had become an uphill task for the countrys law-enforcement agencies after their arrival in Pakistan. 'They (US agents) stay in official residences and mostly move in diplomatic vehicles. Therefore, they could avoid checking by law-enforcing agencies in the garb of diplomatic immunities, officials said. It has been established now that Davis, beyond any doubt, is a CIA agent, who was working on a dubious agenda in Pakistan. Therefore, this should be a wake up call for the rulers to safeguard their national interests because the time is running out.