LAHORE (PPI) - Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini has disclosed that Intel is planning to add 4,000 jobs in 2011, primarily in product development and R&D. He also announced an investment of more than $5 billion to build a new US fab at its Chandler, Ariz. site to produce future microprocessors. He said that President Barack Obama toured a modern microprocessor factory and spoke to local students and high-tech factory workers at Intel Corporations Oregon site, one of the largest and most advanced semiconductor research and manufacturing sites in the world. Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini said, It is a great honour to host President Obama. Our country and this company have been built on innovation, and manufacturing has been at the heart of Americas economy for over a century. We share the Presidents belief that with a culture of innovation we can and will retain a vibrant economy based on industries of the future.