LAHORE/ISLAMABAD While the Punjab government is demanding the US Consulate in Lahore surrender the driver and the car involved in the Raymond Davis-related hit-and-run incident that killed Ibadur Rehman, federal officials offer contradictory stands about the identity and whereabouts of the driver. A consulate jeep setting out to rescue CIA agent Raymond Davis on January 27 crushed Ibad to death on the way, and the driver along with the vehicle have since been missing. A highly-placed political source in the federal government, privy to all developments, said on Tuesday that that no one knows the identity of the driver and the passengers. However, another official, believed to be equally knowledgeable, said that Raymond Davis revealed the names of the so-called rescuers during the initial interrogations. On the other hand, the US media claims the hit-and-run driver and passenger have reached America, compounding the mystery shrouding their identity and disappearance. Federal sources said it was for the Punjab police to trace the driver and the car. The Punjab has not given the federal government the name or picture of the driver required to put the accused on the Exit Control List. The sources said: They (Punjab) did try their best, but failed to get the desired information. We are trying to make a headway in this regard to make arrests, said the federal sources. The failure of the authorities concerned to block the departure of the accused has sparked speculations that the guilty left for the United States in the plane of a senior US leader who recently visited Pakistan. However, the federal sources rejected it as baseless. A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Islamabad declined to confirm or deny that the driver has fled Pakistan. The United States Embassy deeply regrets the incident and the loss of lives. However, I have no comments regarding your query, the embassy spokesperson said when contacted by The Nation.