ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is all set to play its inaugural match of the ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup against the minnows Kenya and hopefully if the things go right, the powerhouse of Asia is going to win the match with utmost comfort. Pakistan need to take this match seriously by fully utilising the match as practice for the harder games to come. They have their pluses and minuses at times they go too casual and to the surprise of many lost matches to teams like Ireland and Bangladesh. While on the other hand, the Australians and the nemeses of Pakistan - South Africa - can't even stop the green shirts from grabbing victory. For remaining the contest, Pakistan coach needs to focus on two major areas - one is the fielding and the other is batting - specially the opening department is the weaker area for which the captain and the coach have to give special attention. The inclusion of Ahmed Shahzad has definitely strengthened the Pakistan batting. No one can doubt the amount of talent Pakistan have at their disposal. The only thing, which the team lacks, is how to utilise this talent. The batting order needs to be changed, when Ahmad Shahzad and Kamran Akmal are in the side, then they should open the innings as they are capable of changing the whole situation of the game in a matter of time. If one of these two falls early then rather than wasting wicket or taking any other chance, Younus should be sent in at one down as he will not only guide the other junior partners but also ensure the scoreboard ticking as there is no need of holding Younus back for the later part of the innings due to his lacking of hard-hitting style. And after Younus, Afridi or Umer Akmal can be sent to bat as both of them can hit the ball out of the park and in a short span of time can change the entire match. Razzaq is also a key player who is yet to come to his full potential but at times shows the glimpses of his spark and his last innings against the Proteas in Abu Dhabi he had single-handedly won the match. Had the ICC not adopted double standards against the Pakistanis and allowed the PCB to include Aamir and Asif in the squad, the Pakistan bowling line up would have been arguably the world's best and the teams had to survive the games two of the most deadliest and fearsome bowling duo but thanks to ICC and its so-called anti-corruption committee these two great assets of Pakistan are barred from playing for their country from any form of the game for a period of five and seven years respectively. Even then, the Pakistan bowling is not too weak, the likes of Shoaib Akhtar who is playing his last World Cup. Umar Gul as always has been the key bowler and in the absence of Aamir and Asif, he has to share the extra burden. Wahab Riaz can bowl with venom and pace; Saeed Ajmal and Rehman are two fine spinners and have a major role to play in bringing the World Cup to Pakistan. Afridi has to prove his critics wrong. He is a great player and this is the stage where he has to perform not only with the willow and leather but also as the skipper of the side. The selectors have put faith in him and made him the captain of the side even he was not performing both with bat and ball. He has to put all these things to the back of his mind and lead the team by example. If he will be able to use his players according to their potentials and the team played like a unit no one in the world can stop Pakistan from becoming the World Champions again.