The Time magazine dated 28-02-2011 has printed a world map showing percentage of expenses incurred on food and grocery items in the overall income of people. It is startling that 46 percent of total income of a Pakistani is spent on food items that is highest in the world while India spent 35 percent with U.S.A. 7 percent, U.K. 9 percent and Australia 11 percent. It is thus apparent that comparatively lesser amount is left for Pakistani citizens for health, education, clothing, housing and utility bills of water, gas and electricity due to a heavy amount spent on food items. This is the apparent reason for the rising tide of lawlessness among the population that finds it hard if not impossible to make both ends meet in their life. The high cost of power, gas and petrol all contribute to high cost of food and grocery items that is breaking the back of people. Cheap hydel power is lacking due to lack of consensus on a mega dam that could make power affordable for the masses. Such steps as rental power plants are no substitute for hydel power that are proposed as alternative means of energy by the wizards as former Minister of water and power that is fortunately out of cabinet. The politicians ought to worry about the impossible position of highest food prices of the country in the world. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, February 22.