ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Commerce Makhdoom Amin Fahim Tuesday said that Pakistan and Mauritius enjoys mutual cultural and linguistic bonds being majority of the Mauritius population claim ancestral pedigree into the sub-continent, alongside improved trade relations between the two countries. He stated this while sharing views with AP Neewoor, the Secretary Foreign Affairs of Mauritius, who, along with a six-member delegation from Mauritius, called on the Federal Minister in his office today. The delegation has reached Pakistan to participate in the 9th round of Pakistan-Mauritius Joint Working Group (JWG) meeting. The JWG will continue for three days. Makhdoom Amin Fahim expressed that despite substantial concessions provided in the PTA (Preferential Trade Agreement), the business community is not benefiting. He reiterated that the need of the day was to create awareness among the business communities and exporters of the two countries regarding the PTA. The emphasis should be on awareness and to expand the existing market to utilise the potential of the PTA to the fullest. The visiting secretary informed, Pakistani dramas and Pakistani culture is famous in Mauritius, and if Pakistani tourists started visiting Mauritius, they will find it a second home. Neewoor also showed interest to team up their cooperation with Pakistani IT (Information Technology) sector and higher education sector. Pakistan and Mauritius has signed a PTA in 2007 and the trade volume between the two countries in 2009-10 remained $28.203 million, including exports from Pakistan $27.506 million. Pakistan mainly exports rice, cereals, fruits and cotton to Mauritius, while imports pulp and ore of iron etc. The 9th round of JWG would remain continue in Islamabad till tomorrow. Both the sides are engaged in discussions on the ways and means for increasing bilateral trade, impact analysis of PTA and trade in services sector.