LAHORE Only a week after its encouraging announcement on loadshedding, the Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) made an about-turn Tuesday when it announced an average 10-hour daily loadshedding across the country. Pepco DG Muhammad Khalid, citing better hydel and thermal production, announced a week ago that loadshedding would be limited in the coming days. During the canal closure (Dec 26-Jan 31), the company had also failed to honour its commitment on the outage duration. According to the fresh schedule, there would be 2 to 10 hours of loadshedding in the country due to an increase in power shortfall, with the rural areas taking the brunt. The DG said Lahore Electric Supply Companys (Lesco)s urban areas would face up to two hours and rural areas up to five hours of outage; Gujranwala Electric Power Company (Gepco) seven and nine hours; Faisalabad Electric Power Company (Fesco) six and 10 hours; Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) six and eight hours; Islamabad Electric Power Company (Iesco) four and six hours; and Hyderabad Electric Power Company (Hesco) up to six hours in urban and up to eight hours in rural areas. However, the DG said there would be no power outage for power looms. He said total generation in the last 24 hours was 10,352MW against the demand of 12,087MW; hence a 1,735MW shortfall. He said hydel generation was 4,365MW, thermal 1,519MW, IPPs 4,406MW and rental power 62MW. He said 670MW was supplied to KESC. The company received 2,132MW from the Tarbela and 759MW from the Mangla dam, the DG said. To a question, the Pepco official said that the industry took almost 37 per cent of the total power produced.