LAHORE 'Should I also commit suicide like Faheems widow has done. Nobody from the ruling class came to my rescue. Why? Who will provide me justice? Am I not like the daughters of Chief Minister Punjab? Who will feed my expected kid?, 22-year-old Zahra Faizan asked these questions on Tuesday. The young widow was also carrying medical reports alongwith her. According to her medical reports, she is pregnant. She also burst into tears as she narrated the hardships of life, she has been suffering from, since her husband, Muhammad Faizan, was gunned by American CIA agent Raymond Davis near the busy Mozang intersection, last month. 'Life has completely changed. Darkness is everywhere and hope is nowhere, said the disillusioned lady. How I will face the harsh realities of life without my husband?, questioned the poor widow with sobbing eyes. 'Now I am pregnant, who will feed and educate my baby in future, she again asked while tears were rolling down from her cheeks. In a brief interview with The Nation on Tuesday, Zahra Faizan, the eldest among six sisters said that her family had been struggling hard to meet both the ends in a respectable manner. Last year on November 13, she had married Faizan, a good looking and handsome youth and resident of Ferozewala, a locality situated in the suburb of Lahore. She had a happy life though her father had been working as an ordinary mechanic in UAE before the murder of her husband. She further said that her father was jobless since he had to come back on emergency basis from UAE following the sudden murder of her husband. 'I have five sisters. Malaika, the youngest among them, is mentally retarded. My younger brother is an I-Com student at a local college. We have no money to educate the brother and sisters. We have no penny to feed the young kids, she said. Responding to a question, she said, 'We dont need dollars. But we need rupees. 'The Punjab government should compensate us as we are their voters and we are like their daughters, she added. She said that she passed her FA examination with good marks and quite fit to do an official job if provided to feed the poor family. Zahra Faizan further said that they would never forgive the merciless killer, Raymond Davis. 'He (the US killer) must be punished as per the countrys laws. Though, we are poor but we will never forgive the man who destroyed our lives, she asserted. According to her, some senior politicians and religious leaders visited her residence a couple of days back to condole the death of her husband but none of them gave even a single penny to the bereaved family, they need desperately. The poor widow also appealed to the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the popular political leader in the province, to visit her residence and arrange medical treatment for her besides a reasonable job so that the family could be able to feed the kids. The imprisoned killer and CIA-agent Raymond Davis had gunned down two Pakistani motorcyclists Muhammad Faizan and Muhammad Faheem near Mozang Crossing on January 27, 2011. He said that he had committed the double-murder in self-defence but the police investigators rejected his claim and declared him killer stating that he committed the clear-cut killings in 'a cold blood.