ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar Tuesday said that all the state institutions are in complete unison on the Raymond Davis issue, adding that no compromise would be made against the sovereignty of the nation. Talking to journalists after inaugurating the 7th Citi-PPAF Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards ceremony here, she rejected the perception that there was any ambiguity in the statements made by the Interior Ministry and Foreign Ministry regarding the Raymond Davis issue. There is undoubtedly no difference whatsoever in the statements given by the Interior Ministry and Foreign Ministry on Davis case, she asserted. Hina Khar said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik gave no statement with regard to immunity of Davis. He just said that Raymond has a diplomatic passport, and a visa was issued by Pakistan after clearance by all intelligence agencies. She said that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in his policy statement on the floor of the National assembly had again made it clear that Raymond Davis will not be set free under any kind of pressure by the United States. She said that the Prime Minister had stated that the government was mindful of its international obligations under the Vienna Convention and other international legal instruments, to which it was signatory. Hina Khar further added that Pakistan is a responsible state and very well knows how to respect international laws. She said that Pakistan has to abide by international laws and 1972 Privilege Act with respect to diplomats is applicable on Pakistan, adding that the government was engaged in consultations with international law experts for the interpretation of international law on this issue. The determination is to be made under interpretation of international law, Khar added. She said that our government including President and Prime Minister has always sacrificed for the pride of the nation and as far as Raymond Davis is concerned, courts will decide his future. Hina Khar was of the view that Raymond Davis case would have no negative impact on the Pak-US relations and hoped that the series of strategic dialogue process would begin soon. Earlier, addressing the 7th Citi-PPAF Micro Entrepreneurship Awards 2010 ceremony, Rabbani Khar lauded the efforts of PPAF and Citi for encouraging and recognising the services of micro entrepreneurs in overcoming adversity. She said that PPAF has played a catalytic role in helping the poor and marginalized communities in becoming masters of their destiny and contributes to the national development. She commended the sector development role of PPAF in connection with micro credit and financial inclusion by reaching out to marginalized communities in far flung rural areas where seventy per cent of Pakistanis reside. She said that affected people had shown unmatched courage and resilience in the face of recent raging floods and their efforts to cope with the calamity needed the collective support from the affluent segments of the society. She said that the government programmes were aimed at helping the poor and marginalized people across the country through a comprehensive framework of development. CEO/MD PPAF Qazi Azmat Isa said that the private sector is the arm of the government to fight poverty and PPAF is always appreciative of transparency and accountability. He said that PPAF ensures investment in institutions of the poor and those (institutions) supporting the poor. He said that PPAF always stresses for gender equality and women empowerment in every sphere of life.