This is with reference to a news item published in today's The Nation captioned "No Changes in Thana Culture". In fact, the police culture cannot be changed till the psychologically healthy people are inducted in this all important department. Schadenfreude is an offensive trait which some human beings have in their nature. It is a rush of happiness one feels to find someone else in trouble. It will be appropriate to say that the Pakistani policemen (not all) harbour schadenfreude in their hearts. It is evident from the way they maltreat the suspects in their custody. According to Asian Human Rights Commission as many as 10,420 people were meted out subhuman treatment by the Police from the year 2000 to 2009. These statistics are egregiously terrible. The police torture in Pakistan is owing to two main reasons. One is to extract confessions from the suspects and the second reason is to get bribe. The police system in vogue in our country is now outdated and reminds us of Dark Ages when the suspects were inhumanly treated. Everyone knows that the police beat the suspects black and blue when they are in their custody. Many custodial deaths have occurred in police stations. In my humble opinion, a complete video movie should be made as long as the suspects are on physical remand. This movie should then be submitted in the court by the police. I beseech the members of the parliament to merit serious consideration to my proposal. It is high time the government made a law according to which the video movie of the person should be made who is on physical remand. It will be a great step to stop the excesses of Police in our country. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, February 21.