When the present government took office, the first thing they had promised was that power loadshedding would be abolished soon through a top priority strategy. A little later, they said if a total riddance could not be achieved, it would at least be reduced to tolerable levels. But seeing the present state of power supply (18 hours a day in Muzaffargarh feeder) it is obvious that the electric supply situation has degenerated to an extremely intolerable level and the government has reneged on one of its vital promises. This they have done without even batting an eyelid showing no sign of remorse. This means they really don’t care if they win or lose the next general elections indicating that they have plundered the public exchequer to their heart’s content by now which is enough to last them a lifetime. Another painful burden they have inflicted on the people is that in the international market the maximum price of a unit of electricity in rupee terms is Rs. 9/unit which WAPDA is selling us now for Rs.16/unit. Thus our people stand deprived of a basic essential utility.


Muzaffargarh, February 20.