OKARA – The people who receive American visas and dollars are not the part of Jamaat Ahle Sunat (JAS).

Jamiat Ulmai Pakistan (JUP) District General Secretary Shehzad Anjum Insari said this while addressing a joint press conference along with JUP District Senior Vice President Maulana Samee Nazeer Hussai Afridi and JAS District Nazim Aala Asghar Sohail.

Shehzad Anjum said the people, who were getting benefits from America in the name of JAS, were not sincere with the nation and the state. With a statement of American Embassy to release funds to Sunny Itehad Council, the face of American ‘agents’ had been unmasked, he added. He alleged that Sahabzada Fazalur Rehman and his companions were defying Maulana Noorani’s teachings. Anjum said Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani‘s political and religious thoughts are the guidelines for JAS.