A report in this newspaper quotes a military source as disclosing that India, Israel and both Xe Services and the CIA, were active inside Balochistan. However, though it was Interior Minister Rehman Malik who had earlier accused India of involvement in terrorism there, and though the military has evidence of this foreign involvement, the government is not taking any action, going to the extent of keeping silent about the involvement. It has become evident that foreign powers hostile to Pakistan are exploiting the unease within the province to foment trouble. It is also noteworthy that while India has been hostile to Pakistan from the time it was created, and Israel does not even have diplomatic relations with Pakistan, but the USA is supposed to be an ally of Pakistan, and its fomenting terrorist activities there makes the moving of a resolution in Congress calling for the Baloch people’s self-determination becomes all the more suspicious. One motive for US involvement is Gwadar port, which these powers do not want China to have access to. Another factor is that the USA wishes to invade Iran, and it seems that part of its plan involves involvement in Pakistan's western most province. Thus it can meet both of its goals by causing trouble in Pakistan, of invading Iran and containing China. Israel too has a grudge against the present Iranian regime, which speaks out against it.

Those attempting to restore the NATO supply lines, suspended after the attack by its helicopter gunships on a Pakistani border checkpost, in which they killed 26 soldiers, should note this interference in Balochistan, both overt and covert, and cease trying to curry favour with the USA. They should not dismiss the Balochistan issue by simply blaming the agencies. This simplistic explanation does not factor in the interference that is taking place, and goes to serve the interests of those outside powers, as they can then carry out their nefarious activities under that cover.

The government should pay more attention to Balochistan, and should not rely solely on cosmetic measures, as at present, and it should be ready to carry along all parties with it in its attempts to find a solution. The situation is grave, because while Pakistan’s regional enemy is involved, other interests have intruded. However, if the sense of deprivation was removed from the Baloch by giving them a true share in their own resources, foreign powers would have to search elsewhere to stir the pot. It must not be forgotten that the USA. India and Israel are merely stoking a fire that they did not light, but which was started by the rulers in Islamabad. It should also not be forgotten that putting out that fire is the government’s responsibility.