ISLAMABAD –The wife of Major (r) Osaid Zahidi, a former officer of Military Intelligence (MI), has accused the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of keeping her husband in illegal detention for the last year and a half, reported the BBC.

Osaid was posted in Karachi while working for the MI till his retirement in 2008, and he also took part in operations against the extremists during the said period, but he went missing in October 2010.

According to the BBC, his wife Adeela Osaid says the information obtained from different sources suggestthat he hasbeen detained by the ISI, a claim refuted by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

She further said Osaid’s elder brother, Junaid Zahidi, was assassinated, when he attempted to trace his missing sibling.

Junaid had, somehow, obtained the information related to the whereabouts of his brother with some solid proofs, she said, adding, “But he was murdered after which we do not have any evidence. His body was found from Malir Cantt (Karachi).”

Adeela has formally declared her husband as missing and put forward the case to the judicial commission dealing with the missing persons.

After a meeting with Justice (r) Javed Iqbal, the head of the commission, in Islamabad on Wednesday, she said his husband had been imprisoned in army barracks,from where details were being gathered.

“I have neither been allowed to meet him for the last 18 months nor hasany military or official person accepted that he is the custody of the spy agencies.” Adeela demanded that Osaid should either be released or legal proceedings initiated against him according to the law.

 “At least, we must be informed whether he is alive and in what condition he is and what crime he has committed resulting in action against him.”

She said Osaid had started farming after buying some agriculture land near Karachi some months before he went missing.

According to Adeela,she and her sister were married in the same family. “My husband (Osaid)is missing, while my elder sister’s spouse has been killed while in search of his brother.”

“Both of us are now living in our father’s home along with 11 children. No one can even guess how terrible our life is.”