Iran has been an eyesore for USA for no rhyme or reason. Although there are about a dozen nuclear powers in the world, the United States is allergic to Iran’s nuclear development which Iran claims to be geared to ‘peaceful purposes and not weapon oriented’. Working within the parameters as laid down in the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Iran has given full freedom to IAEA inspectors to visit its nuclear sites and inspect them from all possible angles. The fact remains that all countries have equal rights to use nuclear technology for uplift. Why thus USA terms Iran as a ‘criminal’ making it the major target of negative propaganda to isolate the country from rest of the world. In addition to different types of threats all sorts of sanctions are imposed on Iran every now and then. With Israel planning to attack Iran the American lobby’s anti-Iran campaign has reached its climax.

The US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta’s recent statement that ‘Israel is poised to attack Iran in the first half of this year to stop Tehran’s nuclear programme’ confirms the US lobby’s evil designs against Iran. Israel the USA’s illegitimate child in the Middle East does not even have common borders with Iran. Its offensive will thus be restricted to air attack only. The Iranians being fully aware of the Israeli capabilities have dispersed their nuclear programme to about twenty different sites spread all over the country and well protected by modern Russian air defence systems. For launching the air attack the Israeli war planes will have to fly over Iraq, Jordon or Saudi Arabia each route being a one way flight of over 800 miles necessitating mid-air refuelling. All of them being Muslim countries and friendly to Iran, the campaign will be pretty hazardous. It is clear that despite being fully equipped with the most advanced American war material Israel cannot do it alone. It shall have to be a ‘joint US-Israel campaign’ with the major support coming from the US Naval fleets which remain present in the Gulf at all times.

As far as Iran is concerned it is neither worried about the sanctions imposed on it nor the threat of a US-Israeli attack. It continues with its nuclear development with the belief that its achievements will show the world the extraordinary capability and knowledge of the Iranians. They also profess that the progress will underline Iran’s adherence to the principle of “nuclear power for all and nuclear weapons for none”. As for as its military power to resist the Israel attack is concerned the Iranian leaders believe that Iran possesses the strength and capability to ‘wipe out Israel in only nine minutes’. To prevent a big catastrophe it is high time that the USA accepts Iran’s point of view and sheds its hatred cum hostility towards a leading Muslim country trying to set on the path of advancement. Apart from eliminating all the tension that prevails in the Middle East, it will be a matter of rejoicing for the whole Muslim world.


Lahore, February 21.