We have been hearing news of Bhasha dam since 2006 with its first groundbreaking by Ex-President Musharraf and then its second foundation stone laying ceremony in 2011 followed by breaking news of funding by ADB to the tune of $ 4 billion US. The total outlay for the dam is stated to be from $ 12 billion to $ 14 billion US to be completed in 12 years. The nation cannot wait spellbound with the flash of news every now and then like a lullaby. What we need is a monthly progress report by WAPDA on the actual work done on the ground so as to be satisfied on the rate of progress. The nation has been kept waiting since past four decades for a megadam to rid the country from power and water shortage. These twin menaces have been the bane of Pakistan to land it in an economic mess with the shelving of KBD due to illogical opposition of KP and Sindh in their blind animosity to Punjab while the tiger politicians of Punjab proved to be sheepish by not playing in the interest of Pakistan due to their narrow vested interests.


Lahore, February 22.