KARACHI - Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has gained net profit of Rs 2.84 billion in its half-year earnings made during FY2011-12 for the period ending December 31, while also showing a growth of 7% in revenue.

PTCL’s profits and revenue growth during first half of FY2011-12 is a strong indicator of our dynamic corporate direction as well as our customers’ continued satisfaction and trust,” said PTCL CEO & President, Walid Irshaid, following a meeting of the company’s Board of Directors held here today, which announced the Company’s six-months  financial results for the period ending December 31, 2011. “Through optimal use of resource, we want to achieve enhanced revenue, greater levels of customer satisfaction, as well as improve our shareholders’ value.”

According to the PTCL BoD announcement, PTCL’s group revenue stood at Rs 55 billion during the period under review, showing a growth of 6pc over FY2010. Of this, PTCL’s net revenue was Rs 28.1 billion, showing a growth of 7pc over the previous financial year.

Despite the economic challenges faced by Pakistan, PTCL remained strong throughout 2011 in emerging segments of Broadband in Wire-line as well as Wireless, and other corporate services. PTCL was declared the leading operator in Pakistan by PTA’s 2011 Quality of Service survey for providing the highest quality Broadband Internet service to consumers. PTCL was declared the ‘Best South Asian Telecom Operator 2011’ by the global telecommunications forum, SAMENA.