LAHORE – Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the US policy on Pakistan was based on hypocrisy as was evident from its interference in Balochistan affairs.

Addressing the JI Women Shoora at Mansoora on Wednesday, he said the US, India and Israel actually wanted to break up this country and it was high time that the rulers in Islamabad took concrete steps to solve the Balochistan peoples’ problems without delay.

He said on one side, the US was asserting that it respected Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial borders while on the other hand, a decision on the US house resolution concerning Balochistan was expected by Friday and action on the resolution was already in progress.

Munawar also advised the rulers not to request Britain for stopping drone attacks. He stressed upon implementing resolutions of the parliament and the APCs, drown the drones and announce pulling out of the US war. He deplored that the authorities in Islamabad had solid evidence of India’s involvement in Balochistan yet they were keen to declare India the Most Favourite Nation. He said that the Islamic world order was far superior to that of the US.

 He said, in fact, a war was going on between the Islamic system and the US system.

He said the US interference had increased only due to the cowardice of the rulers and Washington was openly dictating Islamabad. The US did not like Pakistan’s oil and gas projects and was hampering the allocation of these projects to China.