LAHORE - Despite earning Rs1.1 billion through its maintenance, repair and overhaul business during the last year, the PIA has not been able to repair its own 8 planes. They are parked for maintenance work for a long time, sources in the airline told TheNation on Wednesday.

The two B-743. They were supposed to be out of the workshop on November 18 and February 5. One B-777ER has been grounded since Feb 8, while two A-310 are grounded since October 24 and December 28.

Similarly, an A-3IL has been awaiting spares since 14 November; a B-737 is parked since November 12, and an ATR  has been parked for 2-yearly inspection since December 14.

The raises questions about PIA management’s approach towards keeping 8 important planes grounded, while they don’t only have the capability but are also earning quite much in the same sector.