The claim that Balochistan in March 1948 was annexed to Pakistan forcibly can be discarded as Khan of Kalat gifted gold to Pakistan as, it is said, he weighted Jinnah in gold. If in 1973, around 15,000 Mari tribesmen were killed, allegedly by the army; it was under the governorship of no one else but Nawab Akbar Bugti, whose murder during the Musharraf regime has fueled the ongoing violence in the province. The BRA led by Brahamdagh Bugti, who is said to be in Switzerland, has this murder as the cause of its formation.

At present two main groups namely BRA and BLA are fighting in Balochistan. The BRA men under Brahamdagh are launching attacks from the mountains; Hairbiyar Mari on the other hand leads BLA. Their claim that they were not allowed to work for the province seems baseless as they have never been stopped from building schools or improving the infrastructure. The so-called freedom leaders have trapped the innocent and naïve youth who are dying for their personal gains.

American journalist Slag Harrison writes that Russia and Afghanistan want to involve Baloch people in the war to get access to warm waters. Baloch fighters are equipped with latest Russian arms. By the way the State Department has assigned him the task to write a book on Balochistan. Why would Canada establish a Research Institute on Balochistan? This highlights the strategic importance of this land of minerals and natural resources. The insurgents mislead the youth by telling them that Balochistan will be one of the richest states if its natural resources were utilized like the Arab countries, but the plight of Arab states, which having all the resources and treasures of world, is very evident today, that those who do not serve the interests of the West will be destined to perish.


RAISANI, February 7.