Lahore Metro Bus has created a lot of hype, not only in Punjab but all over the country. It seems that the incumbent provincial government of Mr Shahbaz Sharif probably missed the trick; the finances could have been better utilized to promote the province and his own personal party. There are other sectors and areas of Punjab, particularly of Southern Punjab, which need urgent attention and investment.

Now that the city of Lahore has a luxurious asset, which needs to be managed suitably, it is time that the masses ought to be given proper awareness, sooner rather than later. They saying ‘old habit die hard’, yet sincere efforts should be made on the part of the management to facilitate our people in the use of modern technology. Rather than promoting the regime by highlighting such ‘white elephant project’, efforts should be directed on its enlightened usage. ‘Complementary free ride’ was definitely not helpful in this case.

The problems is there are not enough buses and those who travel by the metro are packed like sardines. If the purpose was to give the people a dignified source of travel, it does not seem to succeed at least at present. The pictures of the new busses look more like cattle carts then new hydraulic busses.


Lahore, February16.