KARACHI (PR) - Memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) and Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development & Management Company (FIEDMC) has been signed to establish new Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in M-3 Industrial City, Faisalabad, said Muhammad Saadat S Cheema, Chairman EPZA.This auspicious ceremony was arranged by FIEDMC which was attended by famous industrialists and business community. Chairman ASEAN and Malaysian High Commissioner Dr Hasr-ul-Sani and Ambassadors of ASEAN countries were also part of this occasion. President FCCI Zahid Aslam was also present at this ceremony. Khawaja Asim Khurshid, Chairman FIEDMC, welcomed the Ambassadors of ASEAN countries and Chairman EPZA Muhammad Saadat S Cheema on this ceremony. He personally thanked Chairman EPZA that because of his efforts we were able to establish FIEDMC Export Processing Zone in such short period which would be ultimately beneficial for the country’s growth. Chairman EPZA said that investors will come forward to get the benefit from this opportunity.