KARACHI - Restoration of the Local Bodies Act of 1979 has compelled MQM to rethink for the division of Sindh after the failure of the five years long coalition partnership, The Nation has learnt.

Sources privy to the matter disclosed that MQM leadership have shown serious concern over the removal of SPLGA 2012 and likely to start campaign for the Mohajir province.

They pointed out that leadership of the party are considering different options for the upcoming election campaign, including the demand of a separate province. It is worth mentioning here that the chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain has said in his January 10 speech that revocation of local body ordinance would compel MQM for the movement of urban Sindh province. Valued referring here the speech on 10th of January 2013 of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain, where he stated that PPP says that the nationalist forces in Sindh would become angry over the local government system. “Are we not Sindhi? Why do they not think about the Urdu-speaking Sindhis?”

“The MQM does not want the division of Sindh but the government should not push the Urdu-speaking Sindhis to the wall. If the Urdu-speaking Sindhi nationalists got estranged then they would be forced to call for the division of Sindh.”

It is believed that Sindh People Local Government Act 2012 was the major achievement of the five-year long coalition between the MQM and the Pakistan People Party (PPP).

The signing of the Local Body Bill 1979 by the acting Governor Sindh winds up the provincial division movement in Sindh. MQM‘s leader and former Minister, Qamar Mansoor when contacted said that the sentiments over separate province were developing in the people of the urban Sindh as they were neglected in different prospectives. People of urban Sindh are demoralised by different acts. A perception had been developed during the five years that the people living in urban Sindh are gifted with the extortion, brutally tortured bodies, lawlessness, unemployment and inflation.

How long the Karachiites have to suffer; What MQM gained in the last five years, questioned Mansoor. He said that the political parties and the media who lift this question should know that MQM played their best role to promote the democracy in the country.

Mohajir Ittehad Tehrik leader Saleem Haider came out openly to demand Mohajir Sooba for Urdu-speaking people of urban Sindh and appealed to Altaf Hussain to move a resolution in this regard.

Talking to The Nation, Haider said that MQM should stay out of the politics because they were unable to deliver anything for the Urdu-speaking people, He termed the governorship of the Sindh as the slavery of Sindhis.

He said that separate province for Mohajirs was one of the demands when All Pakistan Mohjair Student Organisation (APMSO) was founded but that did not go long. MQM eliminated this agenda after the formation of Mohajir Qaumi Movement which later converted to Muttahida Qaumi Movement.