MULTAN - Tehreek-e-Minhajul Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri said on Friday that the country needed a revolutionary mechanism for the accountability of politicians, government officials and waderas, declaring that his party had evolved a 10-point agenda for the purpose.

Addressing a public gathering here at Sports Ground, he asked the masses to reject family politics through their vote as it would resolve all problems being faced by the nation. He stressed that without proper implementation of Articles 62 & 63 of the constitution elections would be a futile exercise. He said that he unveiled all faces wearing different masks between December 23 and February 22. He said that the wealthy ruling class could purchase anything but the conscience of the poor voters through their wealth. He said that today’s mammoth gathering was not organized by any MNA, MPA or patwari rather people came themselves with a passion to retrieve their rights.

He said that he wanted to see Pakistan shining as a welfare state and all of his efforts were meant to achieve this goal. He added that he wanted to create a Pakistan that possessed unconquerable defence where nothing like extortion or kidnapping for ransom existed. “I want the rule of law and dispensation of justice to all. Come and strengthen my hands,” he asked the youth, men and women. He said that the tyrants and exploiters deprived the masses of their due rights but now their days had been numbered.  He said that it was his dream to create the Pakistan of Iqbal and Quaid. He added that Allah Almighty gifted rich natural resources to Pakistan but a handful of looters took away all the benefits while the poor masses got nothing except deprivations. He said that he had challenged the system of injustice and extortion and the people of Pakistan would triumph in this struggle.

He said that he was a democratic person and he knocked at the door of law but could not find anything as the power, politics law and democracy were in the hand of powerful circles, HE said that he was not afraid of anything as Almighty Allah and masses were with him. He said that the masses would finally win this struggle and the looters of national wealth, extortionists and exploiters would face humiliating defeat.

Strict security arrangements were made on this occasion. Although the drizzle continued, the PAT workers stayed at the ground. Strongly supporting creation of new provinces, he said that he would create 15 to 20 new provinces including South Punjab province in the country. He announced that if he came into power, his government would introduce a uniform education system across the country.

He said that he would announce his future strategy in upcoming Rawalpindi public meeting on March 17.

protest continue: Lawyers continued protest for the third consecutive day on Friday for the establishment of a Lahore High Court bench in Sargodha Division.

A rally was taken out from the district courts. The participants of the rally marched towards the Railway Station where they staged a sit in on the railway track. The railway track remained closed for traffic due to the lawyers’ sit in. They chanted slogans in favour of their demand and pledged to continue protest till the acceptance of their demand.

On the occasion, District Bar Association President Syed Tayyab Sherazi and Secretary General Malik Shafquat Awan said the lawyers’ community was being supported by the trade bodies, civil society and other stakeholders of Sargodha Division in this regard.