BAHAWALPUR - Two dacoits were killed in a shootout with police while their two accomplices managed to flee the scene here late the other night. The police also recovered a Kalashnikov, shotgun and a non-registered car.

According to details, two dacoits along with their accomplices broke through a police picket in Mauza Hassan Darya in the remit of Uch Sharif Police while firing on the police. The outlaws were involved in street crime and kidnapping for ransom. On information, the police were altered and pickets were established across the district while Uch Sharif Police SHO Shafqat Atta started chasing the criminals along with a police party.

Meanwhile, on Sutlej Bridge Bahawalpur Saddr Police SHO Ghulam Rasool Bhatti established a picket along with additional force. However, the criminals drove their car to Kacha area of the river due to which the police personnel on the bridge started pursuit of the criminals. In the meantime, the criminals started firing on police and a shootout erupted which lasted for two hours. Resultantly 2 dacoits identified as Azhar Kuliyar and his brother Zafar Kuliyar were killed on spot while their other accomplices fled away taking the benefit of the night.

Later, the police came to known that both the dacoits had been involved in several crimes and were by the Lodhran Qureshiwala Police, the Civil Lines Police and Naushera Jadeed Police while Rs one million bounty had been fixed on their heads.

According to the police, Zafar Kulyar had kidnapped Kulyar CNG owner Muhammad Madni and received Rs5.5 million for his release while they were also involved in a kidnapping case in Naushera Jadeed Police precincts in which they received Rs7 million ransom.

Muhammad Madni identified the criminals and said that both the criminals had kidnapped him and took Rs5.5 million ransom for his release.