S Tariq in his column ‘The fruits of indiscipline’ in the Nation of Feb 20, said that he was unable to enter the cricket stadium in Rawalpindi to watch a T-20 match. He says that he was pushed and shoved by a mob of people who were all trying to push their way in at the same time. He does not say at what point we, a fairly disciplined people, have become so undisciplined! A very well know entrepreneur said in an interview on TV that India and Pakistan both produce the same quantity of, a particular type of cloth, while India converts the cloth into garments before exporting, we just export the cloth. What he was trying to convey was that we have lost the habit of hard work or discipline.

The question is that in a country where hundreds of thousands were given jobs, for reasons other than merit, if the security of their jobs was guaranteed by the very strong labour unions, and the owners who appoint them, then why should anyone work at all, leave alone work hard?. Incidentally, I stopped going to watch cricket in stadiums in the early seventies after being roughed up by some Jiala’s because I was not dressed like them.


Lahore, February 20.