Since last year’s APC 460 innocent people have been killed. This is the time when our government was engaged in talks with the militants. This may be a wakeup call for the government to take decisive action. Mere condemnations and press releases have no value or power. The large number of deaths during the period of dialogue proves without any doubt that the Taliban only know one language and that is the language of violence. The TTP has clearly conveyed that they only believe in force which is powerful in this country and they would like to bring the government to its knees.

The government must review its peace policy and make sure that they are not compromising our dignity once again by giving in to the unreasonable demands of the TTP. Government must take into notice the recent incidents and then decide which strategy they should follow. It seems that an all out great operation is required to quell the ill wind of terrorism rising from the FATA area.


Islamabad, February 20.