LAHORE (HANDOUT) - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that his meetings with Chinese leadership during his visit to China were very useful. He said that, no doubt, relations between both the countries will touch new heights due to his recent visit to China. He said that Pak-China friendship is higher than Himalayas, deeper than oceans, sweeter than honey and stronger than steel. He said that the warm welcome extended during the visit to China is unforgettable.

Talking on his return to the country after four days’ visit to China, Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that the meetings with the Chinese President, Prime Minister and Chinese officials were very useful during his visit. He said that useful talks were held with various Chinese energy companies and investors during the visit. He said that as a result of his recent visit, Pak-China friendship and trade relations will further strengthen. He said that this friendship will further strengthen with the investment of billions of dollars by China in various sectors in Pakistan. The Chief Minister said that the country will be rid of loadshedding with the cooperation of Chinese government and investors. He said that his visit to China was an important visit of his political life and the important objective of this visit is to benefit from the expertise and experience of China in energy sector. He said that we have also succeeded in getting cooperation of China in transport and infrastructure.

He said that Chinese leadership has won our hearts by according warm welcome. Shahbaz Sharif said that rapid development of China is a role model for the world. He said that goals of development can be achieved with hard work, trust and sincerity. He said that Pakistan is rich in resources but unfortunately, these resources were not utilized properly in the past due to which the country has been plunged into darkness. PML-N government with the cooperation of friendly countries like China is working round the clock to bring light in the country, he added. He expressed the hope that the day is not far off when there will be light in the country, economy will flourish, industrialization process will progress and agriculture would be promoted. Shahbaz Sharif said that attractive opportunities of investment exist in Pakistan and promotion of trade relations with China is helping in enhancing mutual trade and creating new job opportunities.

He said that the friendly relations between China and Pakistan are further strengthening with the passage of time.