LAHORE - At the conclusion of the 6th annual 3-day Nazaria-i-Pakistan Conference held at Aiwan-i-Karkunan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan, Lahore under aegis of Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust, the participants made a solemn pledge that they would play their part most energetically in transforming Pakistan into a fully developed country by ignoring trivial differences of sect, clan, language and personal interests.

They also vowed realize the Quaid-i-Azam’s dream of an Islamic, welfare and democratic Pakistan through their contribution toward establishing an ideal society by exercising the virtue of self accountability.

“We have to confront the cunning, opportunistic and selfish neighbor, India, who not only set aside the Partition of India Plan of the 3rd of June, 1947, but also occupied a predominant part of the Valley of Kashmir. We cannot afford to overlook its policy of ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’, they stressed and urged the Government to make all-out efforts to get the Kashmir issue resolved in accordance with the UN Security Council’s resolutions.

They also reaffirmed their belief that Pakistan is Allah’s greatest gift which came into being through the Quaid-i-Azam’s great constitutional struggle and the martyrdom of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

At the concluding session, a declaration was read out to the participants by Shahid Rasheed, Secretary, Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and got unanimously approved.

It says: “Seeking advice from its Chairman, Dr Majid Nizami being its main objective, the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Conference has arrived at the conclusion after listening to the analytical report of the past organizational performance, presented by the Trust’s Secretary, Shahid Rasheed as well as the reports of the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Forums within the country and abroad, and those of the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Societies established in the educational institutions, that the work accomplished thus far on the organizational front, though still falling short of our institutional and national requirements, can be improved by dint of our enhanced efforts and struggle to facilitate the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Trust”.

The declaration also urged those in power to curb the culture of dishonesty and embezzlement by establishing a tradition of respecting the verdicts of the judiciary which should demonstrate no hesitation to make its own associates and those in power stand to trial if they are found involved in the allegations of corruption, so that the rule of law may prevail and the grave danger posed to our national entity may be warded off.

“We must evolve a coherent and independent foreign policy enabling us to reject the regional domination of any country whatsoever. Furthermore, we must revitalize and activate the international forums established among the Islamic countries, so that Pakistan as well as the other Islamic countries may be able to establish their identity in the comity of nations” the declaration further reads.

It also said that Pakistanis belonging to any walk of life must realize their responsibility to preserve the independence and sovereignty of Pakistan.

The conference identified corruption as the main problem plaguing the country and appealed to all its office-bearers and associates to struggle hard to realize the cause of the Trust at the earliest possible. The conference participants firmly believed that the masses will extend their full co-operation to the Trust because they knew that the awareness-raising movement initiated by it will be instrumental in transforming Pakistan into a veritable Islamic, welfare and democratic state. They thanked the Trust’s Secretary and his associates for making excellent arrangements for this ideological gathering.

Earlier, the participants pondered over the horrendous problems confronting the homeland in detail. New lines of thought and action were discovered to put the country on the path of peace, progress and prosperity and to confront the problems facing the country.

The delegates from abroad thought it imperative to attend this Conference in view of its significance. The participants’, enthusiasm and patriotism was amazing during all the sessions of the conference. One could justifiably observe that the Pakistani nation has great will power and determination to face any disaster or catastrophe.

The conference has been held at a time when the country is at the mercy of the scourge of terrorism. The purpose of the Conference was to counter the propaganda spread by the anti-state elements in order to create an atmosphere of disappointment and despair.

This huge gathering representing the entire Pakistani society makes it crystal clear that the nation will come off with flying colours after going through all these trials and tribulations and the critics of the rationale of Pakistan as well as those preaching friendship with our eternal foe, India, in the name of “Aman ki Asha” will be brought to book.


The sitting adopted several resolutions, calling for continue with struggle to bring in prosperity. NPT Chairman Dr Majid Nizami paid a glowing tribute for his lifelong services for the cause. Another resolution seconded the government efforts to put an end to the terrorist activities while the participants expressed solidarity with terror-hit families. In another resolution, the participants of the Conference expressed deep concern over the conspiracies being hatched by the enemies. The participants appealed to the people to stand united to bring back past glory. The participants demanded the government resolve the issue of the missing persons on a priority basis. Another resolution adopted condemned so-called intellectuals and political figures for criticizing Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Expressing their deep concern and anxiety over the energy crisis arid the subsequent coming to a halt of the industrial and economic activities, the participants passed another resolution calling upon the government to forthwith start the building of the Kala Bagh Dam and expedite the completion of other power-producing projects. The participants observed that awarding capital punishment to JI Ameer, Bangladesh, Mateeur Rehman, and his companions was tantamount to the murder of law and justice. The Bangladeshi government was called upon to release the octogenarian supporters of a united Pakistan.  Another resolution reiterated resolve to continue support to Kashmiris in their just struggle. The participants urged India to resolve the issue according to the UN Security Council’s resolutions.

In one of the resolutions, the participants observed that the incarceration of the daughter of Pakistan, Afia Siddiqui, in an American prison is tantamount to a challenge to the dignity and honour of the Pakistani nation, calling upon the Government to take affective measures to ensure her release and repatriation to Pakistan.

 In another resolution, it was observed that the curriculum of a nation serves as a medium to promote the uniformity of thought and action, and common values and traditions. the entrusting of the authority to prepare the curriculum to the provinces through the eighteenth amendment had proved extremely detrimental to the realization of the above-cited objectives and that of enforcing a uniform curriculum .in each and every educational institution of the entire nation. The participants expressed their satisfaction over the fact that tile federation and the provinces have, now, agreed to establish a national curriculum commission to prepare and enforce a uniform curriculum throughout the country. ‘The participants called upon the Government to incorporate, the ideology of Pakistani into the curriculum at every level, so that the new generation maybe acquainted with the rationale, importance and greatness of the dear homeland. The participants adopted another resolution calling upon the Government of Pakistani to recognize the importance of the Urdu language and declare it, too, the official language and take all the possible measures to promote it. Another resolution called upon the political and military leadership to start making efforts to ensure the protection of the long-term strategic interests of Pakistan after the withdrawal of the NATO forces from Afghanistan. In still another resolution, the participants called upon the Government of Pakistan to withdraw from America’s so-called war on terror at once, as terrorist activities consequent upon it have taken a death toll of thousands of Pakistanis. In another resolution, the participants called upon the Government to bring about a cessation of drone attacks by America in the tribal areas and order the Pakistan Air Force to shoot down the drone aircraft. It was observed in another resolution that the Government of Pakistan must evolve art independent foreign policy according to special importance to the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic countries, so that the image of Pakistan as an American state may be demolished. Our so-called friend, America, is providing every opportunity to our eternal foe, India, to take charge of South Asia and establish itself firmly in Afghanistan. The Government is, therefore, called upon to offer full resistance to these the US moves in order to preserve the long-term strategic interests of Pakistan. Another resolution highlighted the fact that a certain peculiar media section is preaching the Hindu and European culture, which is having disastrous effects on our new generation. The Government was called upon to evolve a code of conduct for the media amid getting it strictly followed. In yet another resolution, the participants called upon the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to have the ban on the transmissions of the Indian television channels strictly implemented and rescind the licenses of those cable operators who, by changing names, are showing teleplays that preach the Hindu culture. Furthermore, the sale of the Indian movies full of exhibitionism, obscenity and vulgarity in the local markets must also be banned. In another resolution, the participants of the Conference expressed their deep anxiety over the broadcasting of the Indian cartoon films that are exerting extremely harmful effects on the mind and language of our children and they are becoming more familiar with the names of Hanuman and other Hindu deities than with those of Muhammad Bin Qasim and Tariq Bin Ziad. The Government of Pakistan was called upon to clamp down on the transmissions of the TV channels showing these cartoon films. In yet another resolution, the, ‘participants demanded that the Government of Pakistan fix self-reliance and self-sufficiency as its ultimate goal and exploit the God-given material and human resources so that Pakistan may be able to attain arm honorable position among the developed and prosperous members of the international community as soon as possible. In another resolution the participants reminded the Government that the Quaid-i-Azam was keenly desirous of seeing the women participate in the national life most actively. Hence their welfare and well-being must be ensured and any danger to life, property and honour must be warded off, so that they may be able to play their ole in the progress and development of the country without any fear or danger. The participants observed in still another resolution that, in order to eradicate the moral vices such as corruption, nepotism and breach of trust, a national moral policy should no evolved and strictly implemented. In another resolution, the participants reminded the Government of Pakistan that many Pakistanis remain incarcerated in the Indian prisons since long, including even those who have already served their sentence. The government of Pakistan was called upon to make speedy arrangements for their release